First ELSMOR annual meeting

Despite the ongoing COVID-situation, the work on ELSMOR has been continuing and the participants gathered for a 2-day annual meeting virtually. Going through what has been done in the first year and will be done in the next years helps significantly especially as closer hands-on cooperation has been more challenging.

Even if the working conditions have not been ideal, the work in ELSMOR has been progressing significantly. Work Package 1 was completed and the results can be found in the downloads section of the site.  The work towards studying and applying the safety case methodologies in WP2-5 has started and the early results are promising and provide a good basis for the tasks starting soon or already started. Meanwhile the work with communication, dissemination and education in WPs 6 and 7 is ongoing and can hopefully be put into more focus in the following years.

”During the past few years the small modular reactors have become more and more topical, as projects are globally advancing and new designs are introduced. With ELSMOR, we aim to facilitate the adoption of SMRs in Europe, and to be able to show that European research organizations and industries have the required capabilities to assess these new designs,” says Ville Tulkki, the project coordinator of ELSMOR.

“The first year of ELSMOR has not only created excellent results to base future work on, but fostered new collaboration networks among European organizations interested in SMRs. With the increasing ambition for mitigating climate change, the adoption of SMRs becomes even more prudent in Europe, and with the work underway in ELSMOR and in the other parallel SMR projects we are even better able to ensure the safety of these nuclear power plants,” Tulkki continues.

For more information on the project, please look at our “about us” page, browse through our deliverables and publications so far, or contact us directly. You can also follow us on twitter @ELSMOR_EU.

Konsta Värri